Enroll A Stallion


Stallion services are donated to this program and the donated services will be offered for sale through the Northeast Breeders Trust Stallion Auction.

Information on donated stallions can be found at on this site and at 

As a condition of this contract the stallion owner/donor must agree to the following:

1. The stallion owner’s standard breeding contract will be signed indicating the donated breeding and sent to NEBT so they will be familiar and have a record of the donation.

2. If the stallion is sold or dies anytime before the donated obligation is met the donor of the stallion must immediately notify CNYRHA. 

  • If the stallion dies before the said donated breeding occurs to the purchaser, and no other comparable stallions are available to the purchaser, CNYRHA will reimburse the purchaser, in full, the amount paid. 
  • If the stallion is sold before obligations are met, the undersigned owner of the stallion at the time of donation must make arrangements with the new owners of the stallion to fulfill the obligation to purchaser. 

If the owner does not comply, the undersigned stallion owner will be held liable for reimbursement of monies, in full, to the purchaser.

3. The stallion owner will charge the mare owner for all normal care and any other charges. This includes chute fees in-foal fees, vet fees, shipping charges, etc.

4. Once the breeding has been sold, CNYRHA will notify the facility where the stallion is standing. All contact information will be given to the winning bidder. 

  • Breeding arrangements will be made between donor and purchaser.
  •  CNYRHA is not responsible for booking dates or any additional fees associated with this breeding.

5. CNYRHA reserves the right to change and or modify the rules and regulations of this contract to deal with unforeseen circumstances or to better the program.

6. **All unsold breeding’s will be made available for purchase at ½ the advertised fee.** IF YOU DO NOT WISH FOR YOUR STALLION TO BE MADE AVAILABLE PLEASE CONTACT JEREMY GATES AT 973-417-0835.

Enrollment Options

We have several ways that you can enroll your stallion:

  • Enroll online.
  • Print a pdf, complete, sign, scan & email.

Please have your papers and photographs scanned & ready to attach with your signed enrollment.